Why "Coaching on the Edge"?

As Melissa Ethridge says in a song "The only thing that stays the same, is change". The Buddha said this too! Edges are places of transition - between the known and the unknown; the old and the new.

Sometimes we choose these transitions, sometimes life events force them upon us.

Even those we choose can feel risky because we can never be sure about our assumptions about the future eg

- leaving employment to become self employed/set up a business 

- getting married

- becoming a parent 

- deciding to retire 

Some examples of life transitions. 

- Marriage/a new relationship/relationship breakdown/ divorce
- Arrival of a new baby/Parenting an infant, child, or adolescent
- Growing up and moving away from home/Adjustment to college or the workplace
- Empty nesting
- Retirement, job loss, or career changes/A new job, starting self-employment, setting up a business
- Financial gain or loss
- Serious illness or disability of self or a loved one/increased caring responsibilities 
- Issues relating to ageing 
- Death of a loved one
- Questioning, or searching for, faith or a spiritual path 
- Questioning sexual or gender identity/Fear of coming out

I have been helping people to navigate these Life Transitions for over 20 years. Sometimes they feel like something that just needs to be survived - at least at first. Often, they are also opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery which enable us to gain a deeper understanding of what is really important to us. To move out of our comfort zone and explore dreams we might otherwise have locked away. 

Recently, inspired by my own age and journey, I created
The NEW 3 Month 'Ageing with Purpose' Coaching Programme 
designed for those at a specific 'edge' that life presents all of us with - ageing

The heart of the journey, the most important and powerful part, is the 12 x 1-1, 50 minute, coaching sessions, which will be unique to the client

Prior to the first coaching session, and between sessions, there are creative and reflective activities and exercises, to be done by the client. The results are sent to the coach in advance and the sessions will often include a review of these results and discussion of any insights or learnings that they have led to

It is the content, and sequence, of these exercises that provide the structure of the programme

All clients receive basically the same 'homework' of activities/exercises
However, there will be some tailoring to reflect that certain aspects of the ageing journey may be different for men and women

For an overview of the programme, and to access a

Special Offer, available until the end of August, Click here

Alternatively, this may be the point at which you would like to request a 60 minute telephone, or video, conversation/discovery call with me

The purpose of the conversation would be :

1) For you to ask any questions you have about the Ageing with Purpose journey,  About Me  or about the
Coaching Process/Relationship 

2) For me to understand what your current situation and thoughts about your future are

3) If you wish, for you to be coached by me for 30 minutes on any real, current issue

4) To get to know each other/determine whether the ‘chemistry’ between us feels right. Coaching is a deep relationship and it's important that you both trust and like me

You may also find reading what ex-clients say about me helpful

Please click here to request a discovery call or to ask any questions that you still have. 
There would be no 'next steps' pressure or unsolicited email follow up













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